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Top 10 : The Most Beautiful Beach in Indonesia

Welcome to My Beautiful Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelago with more than 17,000 islands, so that Indonesia has so many beaches. Some of them are very exotic. In this post, we will inform about Top 10 : The Most Beautiful Beach in Indonesia that recommended for you. Hope you enjoy it..

1. Pink beach, Komodo Island

The Most Beautiful Beach in Indonesia

I sure, most vacationers crave perspectives of white sand seaside with crystal clean water mixed bluish. Do not you need something different? In that case, come to Pink beach in Komodo Island is the right choice.
Called Pink beach due to the fact this seashore has pink sand beach. The colour is stated to have originated from the particles of corals and other organisms that flow ashore and mixed with sand. You may be adventurous on this seashore at the same time as snorkeling or diving. For other experience, you may attempt to explore on the mainland to meet with famous population of this island, specially if not the Komodo dragons.

2. Nihiwatu beach, Sumba

Best Beach in Indonesia

Nihiwatu beach entrance in 17th inside the listing of CNN World’s 100 Best Beaches In The World. This beach has white sand, sea water is very clear and the maximum interest of vacationers who come are the sunset perspectives are very beautiful. 

3. Tomini Bay, Sulawesi
The Most Beautiful Beach in Indonesia

This beautiful beach is located in North Sulawesi. Because the place isn't too far from the equator, the seashore is a high-quality vicinity to experience a relaxing time through way of sunbathing.
In the morning, you may revel in the dawn and then greet the fisherman who go back from fishing. You could additionally make diving to peer the variety of marine life are still natural. One extra factor you should not miss it, you could enjoy clean seafood immediately in the eating place across the beach.

A number of the sports you can do here in between diving, surfing, enjoy the sunset or be a part of the locals to catch octopus and crabs. This place may be reached by plane for approximately an hour from Bali, and a ninety-minute drive away.

4. Derawan Beach, East Kalimantan

Best Beach in Indonesia

Derawan is listed in number 63 of CNN World’s 100 Best Beaches In The World. Derawan Island has good accommodations, that's what makes this place to be one of the preferred beaches in Indonesia and in the world. In Derawan island, you could swim with the hordes of turtles in its waters are clear.

5. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, Lombok
The Most Beautiful Beach in Indonesia

The islands in Lombok, or ussually called "Gili" is characterized by way of white sandy beaches, tropical coral reefs are beautiful and clear blue sea water.

Gili Trawangan offers diving spots have been spectacular. The island is tons visited by way of vacationers for diving and snorkeling spots have been tremendous. One of famous snorkeling spot is Turtle point on Gili Meno that's the high-quality spot to peer the turtles.

6. Pandawa beach, Bali

Beach resorts in Bali Indonesia

Pandawa beach is one of the secluded beach in Bali and has the nickname The Secret Beach. Placed in the village of Kutuh, South of Bali. The seaside is hidden behind high cliffs and timber. Called secret beach due to the fact the path to the beach is exceedingly hard to access.

Pandawa beach have a snow-white sand and clean sea water. Right here, you may be spoiled via water sports activities like canoeing and paragliding. You may additionally swim in the clean sea water. In case you come here in March, you can revel in a cultural parade held by means of Hindu - Buddha.
7. Ora Beach, Central Maluku

The Most Beautiful Beach in Indonesia

It’s may be stated that Ora beach is a hidden paradise in Central Maluku. Ora beach’s beauty just like Boracay beach within the Philippines or Bora-Bora beach within the Pacific Ocean. In this place, there is  Ora Beach Resort which gives 6 cottages.

The charm of this beach is tremendous crystal clear sea water, where you could experience the beauty of coral and underwater world of the boat.

8. Sawarna Beach, Banten

Best Beach in Indonesia

Sawarna beach presenting the beautiful view of a row of palm bushes and the crystal clean of Indian Ocean water. This beautiful beach is located om Sawarna Tourism Village, Banten.

This beach has white sand contrasting with the blue sky and sea. Waves on the seaside is very suitable as a place for surfing. Waves at the seashore Sawarna been tasted by surfers from America, Australia, Japan, and Korea.

9. Belitung Island, Bangka Belitung Islands

The Most Beautiful Beach in Indonesia

The beauty of Belitung island started uncovered by the Laskar Pelangi film. This island has a beautiful seashore. The seashore on the island of Belitung has a distinctively huge granite rock, gentle snow-white sand and clean blue sea water.

10. Bira cape, South Sulawesi

Beach resorts in Indonesia

The Bira cape is a natural seaside positioned in South Sulawesi. This seaside is well-known because the sandy seashore as white as flour. You can attain this seaside by driving from Makassar for about 5 hours surpassed Tanahberu and dock Phinisi.

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