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Amazing Nihiwatu Beach with Great Waves for Surfing

Welcome to My Beautiful Indonesia. Have you heard the name "Nihiwatu" ? When you have not heard of it, millions of people around the world crowded even talk about it. Nihiwatu is a beach in West Sumba, the beach is rarely mentioned as a tourist attraction in Indonesia, and it turned into the world's top 20 best beaches version of CNN.

This beautiful beach which is also the only beach in Indonesia, including the top 10 best beaches of Asia. It's located 30 kilometers from the Waikabubak City, West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. If going by plane, you must land at the Waikabubak airport, Tambolaka. You can hire a car from the Waikabubak airport to  Nihiwatu beach with the long journey of about 2-3 hours.

Amazing Nihiwatu Beach with Great Waves for Surfing

Some of the airlines that offer flights to Tambolaka are Aviastar, Wings Air, and Batik Air. If you want to enjoy premium class flight, you can use Batik Air.

The beauty of this beach when has attracted international attention and brought it as one of the world's best beaches. Two other beaches in Indonesia, namely Derawan Beach, in East Kalimantan and Canggu Beach in Bali are also included in the list of world's 100 best beaches. However, only Nihiwatu Derawan Beach that successfully ranked on 17. Again, in the CNN list, Nihiwatu beach successfully passing the beauty of Hanalei Bay Beach in Hawaii, which is ranked 27!

Nihiwatu beach has a coastline of 2.5 kilometers. This white sandy beach dubbed as "The God Left Waves" for malignancy and the perfection of the waves. Waves in Nihiwatu claimed as one of the fastest in the world. It makes surfers curious to conquer the waves at this beach.

Nihiwatu Beach idol of world surfer

So serious security and safety of the surfers, the beach was enforcing rules that a maximum of only 10 people who could be at sea at a time. In addition to surfing, you can enjoy a variety of water sports, such as fishing, diving, snorkeling, and sailing in.

One that makes this beach very pretty is mismanagement of world-class standard. Nihiwatu beach is under the management of an international resort, Nihiwatu Resort. It also makes Nihiwatu very exclusive. The beach is only accessible by the guests of  Nihiwatu Resort. Naturally, if only a few people know and have known this beach.

Generally, tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of Nihiwatu beach must be registered as a guest at the Resort Nihiwatu. Guests must stay at one of the villas in the resort. Rates offered to stay the night was fantastic, but the beauty is obtained very worth it. Not only the hotel facilities and world-class service, but also a view of Nihiwatu beach is clean and beautiful like paradise.

If you have a plan to visit Indonesia, certainly this one of the world's most beautiful beaches is a destination that must be visited.

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