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Exotic Pink Beach in Komodo Island, Indonesia

Welcome to My Beautiful Indonesia. Pink Beach is one of most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. The beach is suitable with its name "Pink Beach" i.e. the beach have pink sand. Pink Beach is a unique and beautiful beach has sand-colored pink. The Pink Beach lies within the area of the Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara. Pink Beach or Red beach is one of the 7 course pink sandy beaches there are in the world. For your information, the pink beaches is only at Harbor Island, Bahamas; Bermuda; Santa Cruz Island, Philippines; Sardinia, Italy; Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Island; and at Balos Lagoon, Crete, Greece. How rich and beautiful nature Indonesia; one of seven pink sand beaches can be found in the country.

The Komodo National Park area in addition to the location of the Pink Beach, also shelters giant and ancient creatures are only found in Indonesia, called Komodo. Komodo National Park has been crowned one of the wonders of the world.

In addition to the condition of the unique and beautiful beaches, underwater life in Pink Beach also saves beauty and richness that appeals to go diving in. The underwater park Pink Beach was the Palace for various kinds of fish, hundreds of types of rock, and a variety of other marine life. Hence, a snorkeling or diving is the activity not to be missed.

Pink Sand Beach in Komodo Island, Indonesia

To date, not yet known for certain from where the origin of the color pink pretty sand. Some argue that the pink color comes from the red-colored coral fragments that are already dead and indeed many found on this beach. Other accounts mention the color pink on Pink Sand Beach is due to the presence of microscopic animals called foraminifera, which produce red or pink light on coral reefs.


The beach is deserted and uninhabited, It can be sailed a ship or speed boat from Labuhan Bajo. Travel tour packages usually will take you to the Rinca Iisland of and then to  Komodo island. From Labuan Bajo to Loh Buaya dock of Rinca island  takes approximately 45 minutes. On these islands you can see directly the Komodo dragon in their native habitat by choosing a particular trekking trails.

From Loh Liang dock, a dock on Komodo island, it takes around 30 minutes away by boat to set foot in pink Beach, the beach that this unusual sand color. If you're interested in trekking through the coral cliffs and mangrove forests, it takes approximately 4 hours on foot before finally arriving at the Pink Beach.

In Labuan Bajo also available ship LOB (Live Aboard)  LOB (Live Aboard) are usually hired by the divers who can simultaneously serve as a place to stay during browse charm of Flores. The ship can also be your transportation options.

To reach Labuan Bajo, there are flights from Denpasar with little plane a sort Fokker to Komodo airport for approximately 1 hour. From the airport to the port of Labuan Bajo takes approximately 10-15 minutes drive. You can rent a car to get to the port.


Around the coast of Pink Beach there is no shop, therefore if you are going to visit here, bring your own needed supplies such as food and drink, clothes, medicines, hat, sunglasses, etc. For diving or snorkeling equiptment can be found at Labuan Bajo. We encourage you to ask your travel agent or guide on this subject.

Because of its coastal location in the Komodo National Park Area is expected in order to be careful when swimming, sunbathing or snorkeling because of the possibility of Komodo dragons roamed around the beach. If you face Komodo you should stay away from him because of the Komodo is one of the dangerous animals. To this end, visiting the island around Komodo island region and coastal areas — including Pink Beach — should be escorted by Park Guard and or experienced guide.

Pink beach in Komodo island indonesia


The coast of Pink Beach which not inhabited and deserted make nature of the beach stay up. On the beach there are hills extending from the coast to the other end so that adds to the beauty of this beach. Located in a beautiful, quiet and amazing beach is an ideal place for relaxation.

The color of water sea is green toska and very clear not to be missed. In addition, existing reefs in the sea can be seen with the eye directly. Snorkeling and diving is an activity that you must taste here because the condition of the underwater life is still natural and have a lot of colourful biodiversity: thousands of species of fish, coral reefs and etc.

In addition to snorkeling and diving, at the beach is also a great place to to sun bathing at soft sand and beautiful beaches. In see the beauty of the beach that are given do not forget to take picture there. View of the sunset on the beach is also famous.


Remember the Pink Beach was uninhabited beaches, lodging requirement and other accommodations can only be found at Labuan Bajo. If want to stay in Komodo Village, you can ask it on resident or your guide. Home stay available at residents home but of course with simple facilities, including the availability of food. There's not much choice of food menu in the village.

In Labuan Bajo are also availabel ships LOB (Live Aboard) that can be rented to tourists or divers. This ship can simultaneously serve as a place to stay during a tour around Komodo National Park and Flores island.

Here are some resorts in Labuan Bajo can be a recommendation for you.

La Prima Hotel
Pende Beach No. 8, Labuan Bajo
Telp: +62 385 41700

Hotel Bintang Flores
Telp: +62 385-42000

Komodo Resort & Diving Club
Pelinta Cape, Sebayur Island, Komodo

Labuan Bajo Office
Jl. Soekarno Hatta, Kampung Cempah
Telp: +62 385 42095
Fax: +62 385 42094

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