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Tomini Bay, The Nautical Tourism Paradise in Indonesia

Welcome to My Beautiful Indonesia. The beautiful nature with exotic marine parks make Tomini as a nautical tourism paradise. Tomini also crowned as the heart of the world's coral triangle. Interested?

Tomini dubbed as "The Central Sulawesi paradise". This bay includes the province of Central Sulawesi, Gorontalo and North Sulawesi. Tomini is the largest bay in Indonesia with an area of approximately 6 million hectares with rich and unique natural resources.

In addition, there are about 90 islands in Tomini bay are beautiful to the eye. In the middle of the bay there are 56 islands and 1 mount, named  Colo mount that still active until now. Tomini has a marine area of ‹approximately 59,500 km2. Tomini bay's waters in Central Sulawesi province has a coastline of about 1,179 km, while the North Sulawesi province along 784.94 km; and Gorontalo province along 436.52 km.

Tomini Bay, The Nautical Tourism Paradise in Indonesia

The bay through which the equator is located in a strategic position as the heart of the world's coral triangle. So that the bay is worth has been named as one of the perfect place for nautical tourism. The nature is beautiful with exotic marine park and fish species are abundant.

Tomini also can be used as a paradise for divers. There are about 210 diving spot in the bay, 30 dive sites located in Gorontalo, 25 in Togean islands, 25 in Buyat Minahasa.

There are a number of destinations that can be visited in this bay. For example, in the marine park located in the village Olele Olele, District Kabila Bone, Bone Bolango regency, Gorontalo province . Only about 20 km from the center of Gorontalo, the trip can take about 30 minutes into the marine park.

From the coast, we already stretched Tomini blue ocean expanse. Under the sea, there are colorful coral reefs, fish species, and underwater biodiversity are beautiful, and also crystal clear waters. If you can not dive, enough to rent a boat and see the fish and coral reefs from glass-bottom of the boat. In this Olele marine park there is Salvador Dali sponge, the endemic giant sponges, and corals of this type only can be found in the waters of Gorontalo-Tomini.

Dive site in Tomini Bay

Besides Olele, there Bitila island marine park located in Pohuwatu regency, Gorontalo province, precisely in the village of Kramat. The island has a very fine white sand, the water is very clear, a small forest in the middle of island and coral reefs are nice and colorful fish.

There is also Buyat marine park located in the outside of Tominibay, specifically in Southeast Minahasa district, North Sulawesi. At Buyat there are 25 dive spot, you can see lots of fish and beautiful coral reefs. This place can be reached from Gorontalo city about two hours by speedboat and 5 hours by car.

In the bay there is Togean islands in the middle Tomini bay, flanked by the Province of Gorontalo in northern and central Sulawesi province in the south. There are many beaches and white sand islands there.

Tomini Bay, The Nautical Tourism Paradise in Indonesia
The easiest way to get to Togean Islands is passed through the city of Gorontalo, cause many flights from Jakarta to Gorontalo airport. From here, then we crossing by ship or speedboat to Togian islands. The second way is through a central Sulawesi, but you should by road/land from Palu then to cross by ship to the islands Togian.

In Lonely Planet's book Indonesian edition, Togean is one of the most recommended destinations for divers the world. This Islands became part of the coral triangle that is connected among Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Timor Leste.

From the ship, the small islands along the Tomini bay presenting the charm of seawater shades of green Tosca to blue. In the waters, the outrigger fishing boats back and forth to form beautiful natural harmony.

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