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Ora Beach in Ambon Maluku, The Hidden Paradise

Welcome to My Beautiful Indonesia - Although still rarely known by many people, it,s not means that natural charm in eastern Indonesia is not interesting. The eastern part of Indonesia is just a lot of fascinating and this will not be encountered by tourists if traveling in western Indonesia.

Just like Raja Ampat in Papua and Lembata Bay in East Nusa Tenggara, It is only a small tourist attraction in eastern Indonesia . Well this time we will a little review about Ora Beach in Central Maluku which many make foreign tourists amazed with the beauty.

Ora Beach in Ambon Maluku, The Hidden Paradise

Only see from the photos on social media, we will surely fall in love with the beauty of Ora Beach. But the obstacle for local tourists is usually the expensive airplane tickets, so people demand is still low.

Location of Ora Beach

Ora Beach is one of the hidden paradise in eastern Indonesia, located on Seram island. Administratively, Ora Beach located in Manusela National Park, and is located between two villages of Saleman Village and Sawai Village, North Seram District, Central Maluku, Maluku Province.

How to Go to Ora Beach ?

Beach There are actually several alternatives for tourists who will travel to the Ora Beach is easy and not complicated and certainly cheap. One way is to use a share trip or joint venture. This is usually done by the backpackers.

Or if you want to test your guts, you can go there without travel agents. The journey can start with a plane ride to the Pattimura airport Ambon. However for the ticket include expensive because the ticket price approximately Rp. 2 millions / passenger.

After arriving at the Pattimura airport further travel by vehicle to the port of Hunimua, Liang village,  Salahutu district. Every day the ferry serves 6 times crossing with 45 minutes for once.

Ora Beach in Ambon Maluku, The Hidden Paradise

After enjoying the sea about 45 minutes it will arrive at the Port of Waipirit, Kairatu district, West Seram regency. The journey is not finished here. From the harbor, the travel still continue to the  Saleman village through the forest and winding roads which is certainly far from the word 'smooth'.

After arriving at the Saleman village, the tourists can rest first while eat and buy food for lunch, because before heading to Ora Beach, the journey is still using the boat about 10 minutes.

Facilities On Ora Beach

To stay at the Ora Beach already available lodging or resort by the name of Ora Beach Resort. Ora beach resort itself is one of the resorts on the beach ora is very interesting, Ora Beach Resort itself is a resort that floats on Ora beach. Another facilities that can be enjoyed is snorkeling on the Ora Beach with a very clear water to the bottom of the sea. 

Ora Beach in Ambon Maluku, The Hidden Paradise

Then visitors can also enjoy the view on the Salawai River while looking directly at the process of making sago, and enjoy various types of birds at the mouth of the river in the Gulf of Saleman.

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