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Pandawa Beach, The "Secret Beach" in South of Bali

Welcome to My Beautiful Indonesia - It’s no secret that Bali is the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. With all the facilities and the beauty of culture and nature, we can choose which destinations want to be visited on this island. For those of you who like the beach or other marine activities, Bali is like a heaven. Almost in every corner of this island has a beach with its own uniqueness as an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

Pandawa Beach is one of them. This beach is still part of the row of the southern coast of Bali, precisely in the village of Kutuh, South Kuta, located between the area of Nusa Dua and Uluwatu. Before known as Pandawa Beach, formerly this area named Kutuh Beach.

The location of the beach is relatively hidden, behind the cliffs and large limestone rocks. Prior to the revamping of road infrastructure and facilities by Badung regency government, this beach is difficult to access by large vehicles. Therefore, this beach is also touted as "Secret Beach".

But now access to Pandawa Beach is very easy. Paved roads splitting high limestone cliffs add to the exotics of Pandawa Beach. This unique scene is still coupled with the statues of famous puppet figures, Five Pandawa, which stands in line in the area to the beach.

Because of its location that lies behind limestone hills, Pandawa beach area is relatively quieter than the hustle and bustle of tourists when compared with those we often encounter in the area of Kuta Beach or Legian. This is what makes Pandawa beach visitors can enjoy a different atmosphere on the beach of Bali.

The waves at Pandawa Beach are not too big so it is perfect for family tours and water activities such as swimming and canoeing. There are canoe rentals at relatively affordable prices. In addition, along the beach are also provided chairs to relax while enjoying roasted corn or fresh coconut water are sold in this area.

Not only water activity, we can challenge our adrenaline by playing paragliding from Bukit Timbis to land on Pandawa Beach. For beginners, provided a guide that will help us during flying from the hill to land on the beach with paragliding.

Please also note that Pandawa Beach area is one of the beach area that is sanctified by local people. There are six sacred areas on this beach, the cupid stone area, the place of ceremony “Melasti”, Pura Dalem Segara, the wells of the people’s drinking water source, Sawan Wela, and Sawan Sambing. No wonder, at some point there is a warning board to not enter the area and the prohibition of sexual activity in the area of Pandawa Beach.


Given the location is quite far from the center of the crowd and the settlement, there is no lodging that we can rent around the Pandawa Beach. Tourists usually look for lodging around Nusa Dua which is not too far from this beach. In Nusa Dua itself there are many hotels from the resort class to the guest house.

How to get there

After getting off from Ngurah Rai Airport, we can go directly to Pandawa Beach through Kuta, Garuda Wastu, then to Bali Cliff or Nusa Dua. We can also take the path of Udayana University or from Jimbaran direction. There is no public transport directly to the beach area. Visitors usually come by car hire, tourist bus, or motorbike rental. The road to the beach is synonymous with narrow streets, paved, and flanked by high limestone cliffs.

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