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Enjoy The Beauty of Sawarna Beach in Banten Indonesia

Welcome to My Beautiful Indonesia - Enjoy The Beauty of Sawarna Beach in Banten Indonesia - Banten Province in Indonesia has lots of Tourism the mainstay of wonderful and amazing that you can visit one of them is in the village of Sawarna. The village of Sawarna has a distinction as a tourist village in the province of Banten, the village has many tourist destinations with proximity so that in one trip you can enjoy it all at once. One of them is to enjoy the beauty of Sawarna Beach.

Sawarna beach is a picturesque beach is like a hidden paradise for tourists. The beach is located in the village of Sawarna, Bayah, Lebak Regency of Banten Province, has white sand that is very clean and natural Sawarna included as making Nomination Charm Grace Indonesia 2016 in category Clean tourist destination (Most Popular Cleanliness).

Beach Sawarna

Enjoy The Beauty of Sawarna Beach in Banten Indonesia

65 kilometers long beach has clean white sand and gentle, hilly Greens and decorated reefs, deserted from visitors as well as its crystal clear water is bluish green. At this beach you can do activities swimming, surfing, play sand or soak up the Sun and enjoy the panoramic view of the village green and natural with a vast rice field area or green hill over the village of Sawarna.

Sawarna beach is one of the tourist highlights of Banten Province overlooking the Indian Ocean. So the beaches are located to the South of Java island has a larger waves with a strong water flow. Its location is somewhat hidden and somewhat difficult to reach, such as the heaven is hidden in a secluded area..

Privileges on a vacation to the beach Sawarna is these sights to each other the other mainstay attractions of Banten Province such Layar Beach, Karang Taraje Beach, Pulo Manuk Beach, Ciantir Beach, Lalay Cave, Langir Cave or Seribu Candi Cave which all cave Karst (limestone) which formed from the early Miocene.

The beaches of the coral Coast and Screen are two beaches Taraje already well-known in advance in Banten Province. It has a cluster of towering corals but has a very beautiful and amazing.

While at the beach and coastal Villages Pulo Ciantir, you will be pampered with the very white sand with water its crystal clear turquoise. The wave are quite large and challenging, you can make it as sports surfing.
Enjoy The Beauty of Sawarna Beach in Banten Indonesia
Well for those of you who would like to tour the nature, near the coast of Sawarna there are also Lalay Cave, Langir Cave or Seribu Candi Cave that you can visit if saturated with atmosphere of the beach.

For you who want to spend the night on the beach of Sawarna, There is an Inn, like nearby Sawarna Resort Malibo very conveniently located, comfortable and clean rooms at affordable rates. With direct view to the view of the beach, you can enjoy the beautiful Sunset from the residence without the need to go the beach.
Enjoy The Beauty of Sawarna Beach in Banten Indonesia

Access To The Sawarna Beach

If you use Private Transportation, from the Jakarta route that you can be as follows:

The line east of the pass: Toll Ciawi, Cibadak, Pelabuhan Ratu and Sawarna.
The line west of the pass:: Toll Peacock, East Serang, Pandeglang, Gunung Kencana, Malingping, Bayah and Sawarna.

If you use public transit, from Sukabumi, take route to Pelabuhan Ratu. From Pelabuhan Ratu proceed by using mini bus toward Sawarna until 5 pm.

Well that's the beauty of the beach Sawarna in Banten worthy You enjoy their beauty as Hidden Paradise Destinations South of Banten Province. Thank for reading..

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