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7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Belitung Island, Indonesia

Welcome to My Beautiful Indonesia - 7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Belitung Island, Indonesia - Belitung island does have lovely beaches. Not only offer a place to play as in the story Laskar Pelangi, island of Belitung also offers natural charm that makes the heart feels calm and peaceful.

Just the information, may not have been many know if Belitung island is part of the province of Bangka Belitung. In addition to the island of Belitung, this province also also still got Bangka island also has beautiful and charming beaches.

This time we will discuss the 7 beautiful beach which is mandatory for you to visit when traveling to the Belitung. Here they are..

1. Tanjung Binga Beach
7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Belitung Island, Indonesia

The first beach that you can visit while in Belitung is the beach of Tanjung Binga. It has beautiful views of white sands and a very clean sea water. These include shallow beach with waves very quiet on the lip of its beaches. Around the beach there are many lodgings that you can use for overnight if you want to enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Binga beach much longer

Tanjung Binga is a fishing village. So, in this beach you can get fresh fish catches of the fishermen. The fishermen would usually come home from the sea in the morning. If you want to buy fresh fish from fishermen for breakfast or lunch, come to the beach early in the morning to get fresh fish from fishermen

The beach of Tanjung Binga is also a very cool place to play. On the beach there is a smooth granite stones, though not as much as in Tanjung Tinggi.

2. Tanjung Tinggi Beach
7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Belitung

Well, here's the beach on ‘Laskar Pelangi’ film. Tanjung Tinggi Beach has a unique typical. In addition to having white sand with sea water is blue, the Beach also has a giant granite stones with a soft texture. The stones then as it became the landmark of Tanjung Tinggi Beach.

The location of this beach is not too far from Tanjung Pandan, the  the capital of Belitung regency. The distance is approximately 31 km.

Tanjung Tinggi Beach is one of the leading beach that exists in Belitung. So, if it feels the loss didn't get to visit the beaches are on Belitung island. Panoramic view of the beautiful and unique landscape is a uniqueness that cannot be obtained elsewhere

3. Tanjung Pendam Beach

Best Beaches in Belitung Island, Indonesia

Watched the sunset on the beach is an experience that everyone wants. When were you in Belitung unnecessary away for watching the sunset at the beach. Not far from the city centre of Tanjung Pandan there is a beach with sunset is so riveting. It is the beach of Tanjung Pendam. The beach is never deserted visitors remembering its location in the city centre so that access to it is very easy

On the beach there is no granite rocks as does the Tanjung Tinggi or Tanjung Binga. However, the sunset view is really beautiful. Tanjung Pendam became a favorite hangout community Belitung at dusk yesterday. This beach has been developed as a place to play and very fun walk

4. Tanjung Kelayang Beach
Best Beaches in Belitung Island, Indonesia

In addition to the Tanjung Tinggi, the beaches of Tanjung Kelayang is also one of the filming location Laskar Pelangi film. Both of these beaches have characteristics similar to the smooth granite rock giants as well as white sand and sea water is very blue. Unique from Tanjung Kelayang  Beach,  this is one form of granite which according to many people resemble bird garuda.

Upon arrival at the beach you will be greeted by a Welcome to Belitong writings. This paper became the landmark of Tanjung Kelayang Beach. Behind the writings built a bridge overhanging to the sea. From this bridge we can enjoy views of the beach of  Tanjung Kelayang  with more freely.

5. Punai Beach
7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Belitung Island, Indonesia

The characteristics of the beaches are still the same with the beaches in Belitung in general. Soft white sand and blue sea water clean and there is a giant granite boulders. However, these beaches tend to be more quiet than some of the other beaches such as the Tanjung Tinggi or Tanjung Kelayang. So it would be very fitting for you who like picnic area which anti-mainstream.

In this place you can enjoy a wonderful sea of Belitung while playing sands that feels very soft. Coastal location a bit far from downtown Tanjungpandan. About 93 km.

In addition to the granite stones embellish the landscape around the beach, pine trees are also increasingly making beach scenery on the coast is becoming increasingly is cool. Supposedly, the name of this beach is taken from one of the names of birds in the vicinity of the beach.

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6. Burung Mandi Beach
Most Beautiful Beaches in Belitung Island, Indonesia

In contrast to other beaches in Belitung, Bird Bath Beach doesn't have a giant granite boulders. Instead, on the edge of the beach, there are rows of pine trees that beautify the landscape around the beach. No less beautiful with great views of the granite. Along the coast we will meet traditional boats are parked. The sand on the beach is a white brownish color with clear blue sea water.

The beach is named after the Burung Mandi because around the coast there is a hill with the same name i.e. ‘Burung Mandi’. This beach has been well managed for the tour activity. Many gazebos which can be used to relax while enjoying the beach.

7. Teluk Gembira Beach

Most Beautiful Beaches in Belitung Island, Indonesia

Visit the Teluk Gembira Beach will make us ‘gembira’ :D . Gembira is Indonesian language, means ‘happy’. Teluk Gembira Beach is a beautiful beach with granite boulders and pine trees grow around the beach. Create a view around this beach becomes beautiful. This beach is also an excellent spot to enjoy a beautiful sunset in Belitung

Teluk Gembira Beach is surrounded by small islands that make the landscape around the coast is becoming increasingly beautiful. There is a pier that is commonly used as a ferry to the island of Seliu and other islands around the Teluk Gembira Beach.

Well, that all information about beautiful beaches in Belitung that I can post. Thanks for reading.. :)

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