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Tanjung Bira Beach : A Quiet Haven on The Tip of South Sulawesi

Welcome to My Beautiful Indonesia - Tanjung Bira Beach : A Quiet Haven on The Tip of South Sulawesi - In addition to having a very famous Bunaken Island, Sulawesi islamd save nature tourism that is also not less famous, namely Tanjung Bira Beach. The beach of Tanjung Bira is very famous in Sulawesi, lots of local tourists and foreign tourists are curious and interested to prove the beauty of this beach. This beach is located at the southern end of Sulawesi Island, in the village of Bonto, district Bira Bahari, Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi. Because it has a beautiful beach, no wonder if Tanjung Bira Beach became a favorite and popular tourist attractions in South Sulawesi.

The beach has white sand, soft and clean, its crystal clear water, as well as a comfortable atmosphere. You will not get bored staring at the beauty of the blue sea water and sand beach is a white garment. Rows of Palm trees and a row of solid rock more and complete the charm of this beach, no wonder if foreign tourists willing to come all the way from their home country to enjoy the beauty of this beach.

Tanjung Bira Beach

The edge of the quiet waves and wind gusts that are not too tight, making it convenient and safe to visit. In the coastal area of Tanjung Bira, the tourists can spend their holiday with Sun, swimming, snorkeling, or just simply enjoy the beauty of the beach and the wind blowing from the beach. At this beach, you can also watch the Sunrise in the morning or Sunset towards the evening.

With all its beauty, the Beaches of Cape Bira was referred to as "A Quiet Haven on The Tip of South Sulawesi" and many also claim it as the best white sand beach in the world.

Tanjung Bira Beach

Access To Tanjung Bira

If you are from outside of the island of Sulawesi, you can reach the air lines use airlines that landed at the international airport of Sultan Hasanudin, Makassar. The distance Beach Makassar city of  Cape Bira of around 200 km or about a 5 hour drive. You can use public transportation, rent a car or travel to go to the Beach of Tanjung Bira from Makassar.

If you use the Bus, you can head to the Terminal Melengkeri, Makassar and choose Bus heading Selayar. The bus was only a short stop at the docks of Cape Bira of the ferry crossing to wait for the purpose of Selayar.

Most beautiful Beach Indonesia

Facility and Accommodation

Facility and accommodation at Tanjung Bira beach is very complete. You can find diving equipment rental, comfortable bathroom, motor rental, and also ferry harbor that can be used to take tourist to go diving in Selayar Island. There are also villa, bungalows, and hotels with affordable rate, and supported with restaurant or eatery place, such as Amatoa Resort.

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